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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does the Membership Cost Compare to Boat Ownership?

Consider all of the associated costs of boat ownership. The cost of the boat itself or note payment, maintenance, insurance, routine repairs, and your time and effort cleaning the boat, your membership with us is a fraction of the cost of boat ownership. Most importantly, without all the headaches and hassles! In fact, just the cost of storage in a facility is more than what you would pay

How Much Does It Cost?

Although pricing depends on which membership plan you choose, the pricing structure contains a one-time membership initiation fee (salt water locations only) and a small monthly fee thereafter. You are responsible for the cost of your fuel and there is also a one-time per year discounted on-water Towing coverage fee (salt water only). Otherwise, there are no other costs associated with our club, like some, who charge for the online reservation system, head usage (toilet) fee, fuel surcharges, training and various other charges. We pride ourselves on not only having the best locations, boats and amenities around, we are also extremely affordable.

What Are the Hours of Operation?

Very simple – Virtually Sunrise to Sunset Boating! We are the only club that offers that, unlike some that close at 6pm during the summer. We do not have set hours; rather our members enjoy boating during the maximum number of daylight hours available. We offer a morning session and an afternoon session. Because we utilize the maximum number of daylight hours available and have two sessions per day available, we can accommodate twice as many members as other clubs. Since our sessions are much longer than other clubs, our members usually reserve the morning or afternoon session rather than all day, although they are at liberty to reserve a full day if they wish.

How Do I Reserve a Boat?

DESTINATION BOAT CLUBS CAROLINAS™ utilizes our state-of-the-art, one of a kind WEBRES™ online reservation system. Each member possesses a User ID and Password to log in. Simply log in, choose the location, date, vessel and time. It is literally that easy! WEBRES™ then immediately sends you an email confirming your choices and a reminder email the day before your reservation. You can refer to the system anytime to check your upcoming reservations. Cancelling a reservation or mistake is just as easy.

What is the Member to Boat Ratio?

One of the most crucial questions you should ask any club is how easy it is to book a boat on short notice. Our club has a 10:1 ratio (salt water location) for all our members, regardless of their activity level. Some clubs may give you a different ratio, but they may not include inactive members in their calculation, which can affect the availability of boats. We can show you our ratio in writing. Can they?

How Many Times Can I Reserve a Boat Per Month?

This is another of the most important questions to ask any club, and generally tells you right away whether you’ll be able to reserve a boat on “Spur Of The Moment Notice” or not (with one reservation spot open). Almost all other boat clubs weekends are Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Last time we checked weekends are only Saturday and Sunday, thus giving you more reservation opportunities Friday to Sunday then any other club. Our ratio is 10:1 (salt water locations) and that is for all members, active or not. Be aware, others may tell you their ratio but fail to specify whether that is for active members or all members, which can dramatically have an effect on reservations. Ask to see it in writing. You can with us!

Is Insurance Included?

Liability is insured up to $1,000,000 per vessel. This is better coverage than if you owned the vessel yourself.

Do You Have a Boat Maintenance Schedule?

 Yes! This is very important to insure that our boats are clean and mechanically sound. We schedule weekly maintenance on Mondays for this exact reason. “Maintenance Mondays” allows us to make necessary repairs, deep clean them and “nip anything in the bud” before it becomes a problem. This virtually eliminates any breakdowns on the water. 

Where Do I Buy Fuel?

Fuel is available at the marina at every one of our locations, no surcharges added. The boat leaves with a full tank of fuel. Upon your return, you simply de-board the vessel as our staff starts re-fueling the vessel. By the time we collect your belongings, you simply pay for the fuel and we will escort you to one of the resort amenities or your car.

Is There Tow Coverage Should I Break Down on the Water?

Yes, DESTINATION BOAT CLUBS CAROLINAS™ utilizes TowBoat US. Every member is individually insured and has their own coverage.(Salt water members pay a small annual membership, at a significantly reduced rate) It covers you beyond normal business and holiday hours versus the other clubs insuring only the vessel during normal business hours only.

Can I Reserve a Boat on the Same Day?

 Yes, we call this “spur of the moment” (must have one open eligible spot) If you wake up and it’s a beautiful day and you’d like to go boating, simply give our staff a call. If a boat is available, it’s yours.

Do I Need a License to Operate the Boats?

No, although we require all new members to undergo an on-water training program as well as satisfying and passing the State you live in Safe Boater’s Course before they are able to reserve a boat. Should you need additional training, we will spend as much time as it takes to fully insure members are capable of operating a vessel safely. We also offer advanced GPS and Navigation training for those interested in enhancing their knowledge. We do not charge a fee for training like some.

Can I Keep a Boat Overnight?

Yes, in fact up to two in a row! Additional knowledge and training may be required. For those qualified, it is an option. After the member displays the abilities to navigate the waterways for a small period of time (usually only 60 days) they can go overnight as they wish.

Can I Speak With Other Club Members to Get Their Opinion About the Club?

 Absolutely!    Just ask us for a list of members.

Can I use the Resort Amenities without going boating?

Without question, members do it all the time. It’s like having two different memberships for the price of one.